Who is the Ambrosia Seed Company?

Apple Jack in Spring Force Flower Bud

Ambrosia Seed Company is a new concept in the cannabis seed breeding industry.  The project began with the partnership between a former breeder for hire (Sourmash), and a veteran grower (Afghani Stan).  In an age where the vast majority of seed companies are nothing more than marketing schemes, selling re-packaged commercial gear, the Ambrosia Seeds team is setting out to offer something truly unique to the grower as well as breeder.  Before even making the first cross, they decided to identify and re-think the paradigm of modern cannabis genetics.  According to Sourmash, who heads the breeding department, this paradigm is a simple question with a complicated answer.  “How does one go about maintaining the vigor and complexity of modern polyhybrid strains- and at the same time achieve the resistance, heartiness, and consistency of older landraces and heirloom farmlines?”  The answer to that question led to their development of the Absolute Vigor breeding system.   Ambrosia Blood Red Kush in Spring Force Seed Company is not only offering proven genetics which are often impossible to find outside of tight breeder’s circles, they are using effective non-conventional breeding techniques to offer a different kind of cannabis seed in a market flooded by so much of  the “same old stuff”

The Collaboration of Sourmash’s genetic expertise and Afghani Stan’s working knowledge of larger scaled grows is not only a pragmatic solution for making larger selections, it is also a collaboration of very different perspectives.  Stan is a fan of the heavy Indica with a special love for pungent smelling Afghani genetics while Sourmash  is a tropical Sativa freak who would choose trippy, speedy, creative buzz over bag appeal any day.  This difference results in a well-rounded genetic offering with something for all tastes and medical needs.  The common interest in Ambrosia Seed Company’s founders is a love for the diversity found within the cannabis plant and the dedication to create new strains while preserving some classic marijuana genetics.  Although this dedication is not the fast track to a quick buck, Ambrosia Seed Company aims to build a reputation over the long haul by offering something unique while taking the time to do things the right way.