Sweet Pink Preservation

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Sweet Pink Preservation

Sweet Pink Grapefruit

2x backcross of SPG clone with 2nd backcross made to 3 separate s1 phenos

The Sweet Pink Grapefruit cut is an old school legendary cut from the Vancouver B.C. Area,which has until recently only been obtainable in clone only form. For additional information about the history of this cut please read the strain description in our breeding mother section. As this plant is such a special cut and been part of so many successful breeding projects we have taken on a preservation project involving an outcross to a stable west coast diesel male with a sour citrus/fuel smell via stock obtained from Woodhorse Seeds. The Woodhorse Sour Grapefruit used for the father line is a bx1 (back cross to the SPG parent p1) which we have crossed to 3 different sub phenos found in tested and selected Alpine seeds sweet pink grapefruit S1 stock. We decided to start this project with the intention to bring a strain that is very close on a genetic level to the Sweet Pink Cut but in male/female seed form. We chose one special male from the BX 1 stock, to pollinate 3 separate sub-phenos found in SPG s1 female stock. Each pack of Sweet Pink Preservation Seeds contains seeds from all three mother plants used allowing multiple variations of genetic information to be displayed from the Sweet Pink Cut.


In the process of making the stock for the project’s first release we also made f2 stock of the Woodhorse Sour Grapefruit father line which will be used in future seed batches of the preservation project to ensure vigor and needed genetic diversity to keep the line alive in the future. Plants that are very similar to the original SPG can easily be found in our seeds as well as some more diesel influenced individuals that show a pluming foxtail bud structure. The smell is intense grapefruit pungency ranging from candy sweet to bitter sour. The diesel influence has been a real compliment to the sweet pinks ultra-rich genetics.


Future mother plants for your collection will be found easily and choice males will provide you with excellent breeding stock for adding tangy density to your own breeding projects especially complimentary to Blueberry based strains. The first release of Sweet Pink Preservation will be offered as male/female seeds with the following geneology-(SPGS1{multiple s1 sub phenos}) X ( SPG x West Coast Diesel BX1 SPG) making our stock a bx2 however even more SPG influenced due to the second backcross having been made with a selfed SPG stock. 8-10 weeks of flowering should be expected.