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Males (F19 IBL)

Herijuana (aka Herojuana)

Male Herijuana

The first release of our Absolute Vigor series will involve outcrosses made by herijuana males.   We decided to use this strain for our first outcrossing as it is one of the few stable inbred lines(IBL)  strains that is dominant for passing on potency in outcrosses while allowing much of the mother’s  expression to show in  hybrids.  To understand why heri is such a good breeding male, it is worthwhile to read the original strain description by the original breeders, woodhorse seeds.

“This strain was the result of mixing the best Kentucky outdoor phenotypes (we’ve always called this ‘killer New Haven Strain’) with a cherished Humboldt strain from Petrolia called Headstash that has been grown in Southern Humboldt for over 20 years. The strain was then line-bred this for 15 generations using planned back-crosses every third generation always selecting for buzz and taste (we even make hash from males to evaluate nuances), has fruity after taste that explodes. This strain was developed for pain and nausea, but through serendipity they discovered an appetite stimulant par excellence. This strain is not one for the novice smoker as it has a crippling buzz. Entire days have been lost R&D’ing on this one. Strain is now about 70/30 Indica dominant, while maintaining good mold and pest resistance and keeping outdoor yields in 1-3 lb. range trimmed and bagged. When quality and quantity both count this strain will bring it home! Turns purple if temps are allowed to drop at night and smell increases exponentially. Our breeders at Woodhorse seeds have worked this strain extensively for indoor growing over the last 5 years, and it is now well known throughout the cannabis community, especially the medical cannabis community. Indoor finishing time for our latest Indica Pheno is 9-10 weeks.”-woodhorse seeds.

Although Woodhorse Seeds did an incredible job of producing this strain we have to give credit to canadaian breeder DaShadow as well, for the specific selection we are using for our p1’s.   Dashadow stabilized a line which tends to show slightly more sativa expression but it’s most interesting qualities are the exotic fruity smells and red coloring in stems, and vegetation.  Although it seemed an impossible task to improve the already stellar selection originally offered by woodhorse seeds, Dashadow seems to have improved the flavor and smell of this legendary strain while maintaining its ability to improve potency while letting the females attributes shine through when used to make outcrosses.  We would like to give credit to both Steve Tuck as well as Dashadow-You guys have created a legend and a true breeding gem!- We are honored to use their work in our first release.  The herijuana males seem to have made our hybrids combined with intensely selected female stock in many ways even better than either parent.  What more could a breeder ask for in a pollen stud!

Females (s1’s and s2’s)


Apple Jack is the marriage an elite cut of a jack herer and an old stock white widow–  The Applejack clone has passed hands in the Amsterdam underground for years which dwindled to near extinction as clone only with lost p1 stock used to make the original cross.  The apple name comes from a very special aroma and taste that come from its buds during flower that increase after the drying and curing process.  The Smell is identical to a sweet, slightly sour green apple with a hint of cinnamon, vanilla spice that becomes more pronounced with a proper cure-Our selected s1 Clone is a very heavy producer of super dense buds.  The buzz is a nice medium between the energetic haze dominant jack herrer and the more knock down indica narcosis that the old white widow is remembered for.

Male Herijuana

The folks at seedism, self pollinated the cut as a means of preserving the clone only strain- we have made an intensive selection from this stock and re-selfed the very best pheno which displays the apple smell and taste but still yields the most rock solid buds to achieve complete homogeneity of this elite.  This is a huge yielder that combines dense big buds with connoisseur grade high, pleasing both croppers and those growing for personal smoke alike. The grower will fall in love with its densely stacked node structure and huge yields, while the smoker will keep coming back for more because of its extreme bag appeal, taste  and smell.  (roughly 8-9 weeks flowering time with excellent results indoors and outdoors as well)

Blood Red OG Kush

Blood Kush

The OG kush is a West Coast California legend, with variations and cuts dominating the north American and more recently European seed market for years now.  We started with a large selection of cali connection’s OG 18 which shows strong  chem dawg dominance in terms of oily citrus smell but also yields better than the classic OG kush.  We chose our selection based on the extreme lemony oily turpentine smell, however within all of these individuals we found a special plant that shows blood red stem, leaf, and bud coloration which is especially exaggerated when grown is even the slightest cool nights.  We were pleasantly surprised that the bud seems to only intensify the stinging lemon taste with some classic kush undertones of freshly dug earth over time. Cured bud maintains density and the elegant long thin pistils add beauty as they redden and brown with proper cure time.

Blood Kush

Our Blood Red Kush mother has delighted the pickiest  kush heads and changed the opinion of those who felt hat kush strains are only based on the marketing of the “kush branding” .Our girl grows well indoors and outdoors however grows stretchy  under lower wattage lights when compared to outdoors with acceptable yields of top shelf oily lemon kush buds.  We find that topping or the f.i.m. technique during early vegetative growth will improve yields.  (8-9 weeks of flowering)



The tangerine is an s2 selection of ch9’s aroma strain- the Tangerine is a stunning sativa dominant hybrid with a gracefully upright elongated shape.   Each selfed selection has been made based on the most intense “freshly peeled tangerine” smell.   The Buzz is true to its shape also being very expressive of its sativa ancestry, however still contains some indica punch.  This one is a good one to get your day started as the buzz maintains functionality and doesn’t leave you drained as its effect wear off as the day goes by.  The smell that comes from handling the bud could fool anyone into thinking you were hand peeling a freshly picked orange.  Hash made from this strain is of the highest grade of exotic orange scented hash.  Our cut grows well indoors and outdoors but veg time should be kept short when height restriction is an issue indoors in low ceiling tents.  (9-10 week flowering time)

Puna X

Puna X

Puna X came to us a gift from a Canadian grower, the grower found his crop of the T.H.Seed’s puna budder to have been seeded with unknown males growing in the area.  Although we don’t know who the daddy was the offspring maintained the musky fruit spice of the afghani influenced Hawaiian genetics  however was improved with lots of sturdy side branching and it’s ability to clone in just a matter of days. The punaX is so easy to grow we think even the novice could get great results while the veteran could make it really shine.  PunaX gives large dense buds an nearly any grow set –up. The punaX  floweres in 7-8 weeks time and clones take root lightning fast.  This would be an excellent choice of quick turn around  sea of green scenarios or SCROG type grows.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit

sweet pink grapefruit s1 bud

Sweet Pink Grapefruit is a very old clone only strain from the Vancouver B.C.  There is much speculation about it’s true history.  One of the most common stories is that for some time it was nearly impossible to obtain because of Vancouver B.C. Vietnamese gangsters tight grip on the genetics.  The plant was a true advantage over their rival’s grow ops because of the fast production of very potent, dense exotic grapefruit smelling buds with beautiful long pink hairs.  The bud was of substantial quality it was often tumbled for hash and then still passed off as good bud despite having much of the trichome content removed.  This paired with commercial croppers haste to harvest buds at 6 weeks that looked finished caused it to be overlooked by the commercial market, but when grown with care and flowered for  8-10 weeks  this bud  shows itself as a legendary classic.  Sweet pink Grapefruit has been parent to many modern classics like sweet tooth, island sweet skunk, and L.U.I. by talented breeders who saw its genetic superiority as a breeder.  Although it’s impossible to know the true genetic heritage there is much evidence that suggests it’s a recessive pheno of a very old northern lights #5 –It’s resistance to sex reversal even with chemical reversal agents being just one of the common traits to support that theory.  After much trial and error Alpine seeds was able to find a solution to sex reversal and offered a selfed generation of the 30 plus year old Sweet Pink Grapfruit cut. We made sub-pheno selections from several packs with individuals that displayed specific characteristics of the original cut, a sub selection of the s1 was made with SPGS1.1 being the densest indica bud structure,  SPGS1.2 being the sweetest grapefruit smell and SPGS1.3 showing the most pink coloration in buds and stems.


This plant is a great female for making outcrosses and for smoke as well being a near perfect across the board strain for the indica lover.  Sweet pink grapefruit may look finished in 6 weeks of flower, but those who let it go 8-10 will be rewarded with huge gains in potency of already sticky hard buds.