Puna Smack

PunaX Mother

Puna Smack (PunaX rapidroots s1 x Herijuana IBL) Absolute Vigor F1

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Strain Name: Puna Smack
genetics:(Rapid roots pheno PunaX s2) x (herijuana f19) absolute vigor f1
weeks of flowering: 8-10 weeks
Expect flavors ranging from musky afghani spice undertones from the mother side and acidic sweet fruity pungency from the father with excellent trichome coverage. As the herijuana fathers are dominant breeding for potency expect extremely potent bud with some added performance as a Sea of Green Strain, The compact structure and rock hard bud with extreme weight and resin productionl from the mother should be an improvement when combined with the Herijuana parent’s more intense smell. The Puna X parent displays lightning fast flowering and clones easier than any other strain we’ve worked making it an excellent choice for the commercial cropper and its ease of cultivation being a plus for less experienced growers. Both parents display vivid coloration in cooler temps. See breeding stock page descriptions for more detailed information of the parent strains.


Herijuana f19 Fathers