Red Smack Kush

blood red kusk spring flower in cool temps

Red Smack Kush (Blood Red OG kush s2 x herijuana IBL) Absolute Vigor F1

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Strain Name: Red Smack Kush
genetics:( blood red pheno chem dawg dominant OG 18 kush s2) x (herijuana f19) absolute vigor f1
weeks of flowering: 8-10 weeks
expect flavors ranging from citrus fuel and earthy kush undertones from the mother side and acidic sweet fruity pungency from the father with excellent trichome coverage. As the herijuana fathers are dominant breeding for potency expect extremely potent bud with some added exotic terpene profile and less stretch with higher yields when compared to the original OG 18. Individuals showing red and purple colors are likely as it is a trait shared by both parental lines. The blood red/purple coloration will show even more vividly in colder temperatures. See breeding stock page descriptions for more detailed information of the parent strains.