Grapefruit Smack

Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1 Mother

Grapefruit Smack (Sweet Pink Grapefruit s1 x Herijuana IBL) Absolute Vigor f1

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Strain Name: Grapefruit Smack
genetics:(Sweet Pink Grapefruit s1) x (herijuana f19) absolute vigor f1
weeks of flowering: 9-10 weeks
expect flavors ranging from sweet pink grapefruit peel from the mother side and acidic sweet fruity pungency from the father with excellent trichome coverage. As the herijuana fathers are dominant breeding for potency expect extremely potent bud with some added exotic sweet and sour smell, The Herijuana father should beef up the yields while allowing the traits that has made the Sweet Pink Grapefuit a legend over the past 30 years- Some individuals will show the beautiful delicately long pistils and pink bud coloring the SPG is famous for. This hybrid is a new twist on some classic genetics with a boost of hybrid vigor. See breeding stock page descriptions for more detailed information of the parent strains.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1 Breeding Mother


Herijuana f19 Fathers