Tangerine Smack

Tangerine S2 Mother Bud Closeup

Tangerine Smack (Clementine Tangerine s2 x Herijuana IBL)Absolute Vigor F1

Strain Name: Tangerine Smack

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Strain Name: Tangerine Smack
genetics:(CH9 tangerine s2) x (herijuana f19) absolute vigor f1
weeks of flowering: 9-10 weeks
Expect flavors ranging from sweet citric orange peel from the mother side and acidic sweet fruit pungency from the father with excellent trichome coverage. As the herijuana fathers are dominant breeding for potency expect extremely potent bud with some added exotic orange blossom and freshly peeled tangerine smell, The Sativa dominant tangerine should be improved by the addition of better bud density and less leafy tighter bud structure from the heri side while allowing more of the creative clear headed sativa high to shine through in the hybrid. This Strain is pure sweet exotic flavor. See breeding stock page descriptions for more detailed information of the parent strains.

Tangerine S2 Mother In Early Flower


Herijuana f19 fathers